6 hours ago

Obama Issues New Executive Order – This Is Bad

This week, Obama quietly issued a new executive action to change the nation’s immigration laws. The president was so sneaky about it that almost nobody noticed… Obama’s intent is to make it easier to bring foreign guest workers into the U.S. by loosening the rules of the L-1B visa program, which would likely cost the […]


1 day ago

Duck Dynasty Star Undergoing Dangerous Surgery – She Needs Our Prayers

Mia Robertson, one of the smallest members of the ‘Duck Dynasty’ clan, is undergoing another surgery later this month, the family has revealed. The young girl needs another procedure to repair a cleft palate and lip. Mia’s upcoming surgery was first announced on the Duck Commander’s Facebook Page. The post said, “On March 27, our sweet […]


1 day ago

Take a Close Look at This Tree – Those Are Not Leaves

This photo looks like simply a pile of leaves from a distance. A much close look, however, reveals that what is there is much more interesting… The objects are not leaves, but thousands of butterflies. The beautiful creatures gather by the thousands to migrate south in August. The butterflies then return north in the Spring, […]


1 day ago

4-Tour Iraq Veteran Thwarts Thieving Thug

A Missouri thief got a lot more than he bargained for when he robbed a store. The store’s clerk, 54-year-old Jon Lewis Alexander, is a former prison guard and a four-tour Iraq war veteran. Not surprisingly, he thwarted the thief without blinking an eye. Alexander grabbed the thieve’s gun, while simultaneously shoving his own 9mm […]

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