1 day ago

Man Finds Something VERY Unexpected While Shaving His Beard

A man discovered what he thought was a pimple while he was shaving his beard — it turned out to be something much different, however. The video shows the man discover an ingrown hair that is several FEET long. Luckily for this man, he did not get an infection from the hair, but others aren’t […]


2 days ago

Here’s What Your Favorite Drink Reveals About You

Apparently, what you order at the bar says a lot about your personality. Here are some of the most common drinks — find which one is your favorite, and see what it says about you. It’s scary how accurate this test is. Vodka Tonic  You’re a fun-lover, but still practical. You worry about your looks […]


2 days ago

After Watching This, You’ll Never Eat a Hot Dog Again

Hot dogs have become a staple American food item, but most of us have no idea what’s actually in them. Once you see this video, showing what sausages actually contain and how they are made, you’ll never eat another hot dog. Hot dogs and other sausages are made from remains of meat, after useful pieces […]


2 days ago

Here’s What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

The position that you sleep in may reveal a lot more than you thought. The Fetus  This is the most common position to sleep in. People who sleep in this position tend to have worried or anxious personalities. These people also tend to be more shy and sensitive. The Starfish  People who sleep in this […]

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