1 day ago

Wendy’s Bows to Obama Admin.

Michelle Obama is on a mission to make sure she can dictate exactly what our children put in their bodies. This week, Wendy’s made a move to help the first lady accomplish this by removing soda from their kids menu. This means that children at the restaurant will not be allowed to drink soda. Instead, […]


2 days ago

Could This Photo Come Back to Haunt Sarah Palin?

Mediaite got their hands on a photograph that may very well come back to haunt Sarah Palin, should she ever decide to run for office: In the photo, she holds a poster that says, “FUC_ YOU, MICHAEL MOORE” with two men. She also autographed the poster. Mediaite writer Andrew Kirell wrote: On the surface, this […]


2 days ago

Dog the Bounty Hunter Gets in Bad Car Crash

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter and granddaughters were recently involved in a very serious car crash. Lyssa Chapman, 27, was driving with her daughters Abbie, 12, and Madalynn, 5, in Honolulu, Hawaii. The front of the vehicle was completely destroyed, and while it is known that all the passengers survived, it is not known how […]

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