8 hours ago

No-Nonsense Federal Judge DESTROYS Obama for Ruining America

On Tuesday, Judge Andrew Hanen ruled against the Justice Department and upheld the injunction he had placed on Obama’s precious amnesty plan with a single word “non-enforcement.” Hanen also slammed lawyers for the DOJ for lying to the court about whether parts of the amnesty plan had been implemented before his order delayed the program. […]


1 day ago

Obama Says US Should Accept More Syrian Refugees

During a speech today, Obama begged Americans to take in more Muslim refugees. The conference was held with French President Hollande. Obama said that although the attacks in Paris were devastating, he applauded France for deciding to take in 30,000 more Muslim refugees. He said that America should do the same thing and take in […]


2 days ago

Sicilian Mafia Vows to Take Out ISIS in NYC

The son of John Gambino, the convicted mob boss, says that the mafia will take out ISIS. This seriously seems like something straight out of a movie… Right Wing News reported: A frequent defender and apologist for the mob said that Sicilian neighborhoods around New York City, as well as other areas of the 5 […]


2 days ago

Fox News Fans Shocked After Host Makes Major Announcement

The beloved Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced today that she is stepping down from her position on Fox and Friends. Hasselbeck replaced Gretchen Carlson as one of the show’s co-hosts just over one year ago. She said in a statement: Oftentimes, the most difficult decisions are between two great things. Throughout my 14 years working in television, […]

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